Knife-throwing, axe-throwing and tomahawk-throwing safely in the UK

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Welcome to Knife Club, the informal name of the UK Knife, Axe & Tomahawk Throwing Association (KATTA). Here you will find everything you need to know about knife-throwing, axe-throwing and tomahawk-throwing safely in the UK. Please note: SAFETY IS OUR MAIN CONSIDERATION. We do not promote impalement throwing (throwing around people), trade advertising, unsafe throwing or items banned by UK law i.e.throwing stars. We only throw at inanimate targets for fun or points.

Please read our advice on Safety and Law. This site assumes no responsibility for the use of its contents.

We are based near Pontefract (close to the intersection of the A1, M62 and M1). Click on the link for directions.

Our regular meetings are very informal so please come along and have a go. We have lots of throwing knives, tomahawks, axes, nails etc that you can use. We try to accommodate all styles of throwers and things to throw, though of course safety is the first consideration. If anyone under the age of 18 wishes to attend they must be accompanied by an adult, who will supervise them throughout the training sessions.

What happens on your first visit?

On arrival you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and the safety rules will be explained. Then, if necessary, someone will happily teach you the basics of how to throw. Learning knife-throwing, axe-throwing and tomahawk-throwing really is that easy! The cost is only £10 for your first day (which includes any tuition and equipment needed) and £5 per day thereafter. KATTA UK is a non-profit organisation and the fee is purely to cover the upkeep of the range and to replace worn out targets and keep the club throwing equipment in working order. See also: KATTA Merchandise (coming soon) and KATTA Membership.

Why throw? And how?

Throwing knives, axes and tomahawks is a challenging but fun, safe and healthy pastime – and that is the whole idea of Knife Club. In the following pages we hope to give you an insight into the world of knife-throwing, axe-throwing and tomahawk-throwing safely – sticking virtually anything with a point, really. There is no mystery to this so long as you follow the various basics which are explained in the Techniques section.

Happy throwing!

knife axe tomahawk throwing association uk logo knifethrowing knife-throwing
First Rule Of Knife Club: No Open Toe Sandals!