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2012 KATTA Tournament Scores

2012 KATTA Tournament Scores

2012 KATTA Tournament Scores

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OK, so it’s a bit self-serving, but I thought I should add something about the World Championships.  And what better than to report that the World Championship Tomahawk Throwing Event was won by a Brit!  And what’s more, a Brit who is a member of Knife Club!  And what’s even more, it’s ME!

I picked number 1 out of the hat so had to throw first in both the knives and the hawks – this was a nightmare due to having over-indulged a little celebrating Melody’s birthday the night before, and the whole ‘having to go first’ thing.  My knife scores suffered.  But the day before I had surprised everybody (including myself) by getting to the final of the Tomahawk Gold Cup so I was feeling confident of a good score in the Championships – and I was right!  Though I had to wait until every other thrower had finished before I could relax.  It was a long day.

Knife Club – ON TOUR @ British Juggling Convention 2011

Well, sort of… The organisers of the 2011 British Juggling Convention – a week-long gathering of 800 or so jugglers, poi-swingers, fire-twirlers, whip-crackers and the like – have invited Knife Club to host some knife and axe-throwing workshops. The venue is the Harvey Haddon Stadium in Nottingham and the dates are 15th to 21st April. The workshops will be held on 16th and 17th. Full details can be found here British Juggling Convention.

Number 1!

It still hasn’t sunk in properly yet, but I managed to beat the former record IKTHOF knife throwing score last week, by 2 points and in an official ranking test, and so became the number 1 ranked knife thrower in the (IKTHOF) world.

I was also inducted into the Hall Of Fame, competed in the World Championships and won the Long Distance Hawk Throw, took on the Cold Steel Challenge and won some knives, and all this at the end of an awesome holiday of mountains, deserts, hot springs, beer and 2000 miles of US roadtrip! Pictures will follow shortly…

…Pictures are now available here and via Flickr here

Throwing Club News Update

Phew, what a long time it is since this News page was updated. Apologies but I’ve been very busy.

Rich and I went over to throw in the North Eastern US IKTHOF tournament in June. A great time was had by all and we met old friends and made new friends. Rich won the Expert hawk throw beating me into second place !! Well thrown, Rich.

In between times we have had regular fortnightly meetings of our Throwing Club which is usually attended by about 8 – 10 people.

You can find the write up and scores for the first UK KATTA Tournament here.

NEUSKT Tournament, New Jersey

I’ve added the photos from this event – see here!

Sunday 23rd May 2010

What a scorcher it was. So much so that we will have to organise some shelter from the sun in future afternoons. We all had a good time throwing, including Rich and myself, who are in serious training mode as we go to New Jersey, USA, to throw in an IKTHOF tournament there in the middle of June.

We were joined by a new thrower. Welcome, Paul. There were 9 of us there in total.

Watch this space as we will be having a fun day in July/ August, and if you fancy coming along, beginner or not, you will be assured of a lot of fun and good humour, in between throwing alot of knives, hawks etc.

The next throwing days are on Sundays

20th June 2010

4th July 2010

18th July 2010

25th July 2010

1st August 2010 ( This will be a fun day with all sorts of fun and contests going on. It should be a great day )

at the Paintball Commando Site, Brotherton, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF11 9LZ, weather permitting.

Please call me (John) on 07764602876 if you think the day may be cancelled due to bad weather.

The charge is only £10 per day.

The days starts at 9.30am until about 5.00pm ish.

It should be noted that a disclaimer has to be signed before throwing and everyone must accept that they throw, and use the facilities, at their own risk.

“A” marks the spot where we have a load of fun.

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If you are thinking of coming along please advise us by commenting below and we will get back to you with any pertinent information you ask for or contact John on the phone number above.

Knife Club

Welcome to the new website for the UK’s one and only Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Club.

Please bear with us while we get everything up and running!

Here’s a picture of  Anna while you wait: